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e.g., a new fashion label started by Emma Griffiths (who graduated from Westminster University last summer) and Jeanpierre Kalebic (a former estate agent), is one of the best examples I have seen of a fashion start-up getting on with the business of promoting themselves online, and successfully too.

There are tons of new fashion labels launching all the time, but unlike many of them Emma and Jeanpierre have focused first on getting coverage from fashion bloggers.

The next stage of their plan is to target online fashion magazines before beginning an assault on the fashion magazines, using the buzz from fashion blogs as a way in.

A very clever (and realistic) strategy if I do say so myself.

Every new label wants to be featured in Vogue and Grazia, but there is a lot to be gained by start-up labels from featuring on blogs like Style Bubble and Kingdom of Style.

Queen Michelle features e.g on Kingdom of Style blog

e.g. Sales Director Jeanpierre says “We have been picked up by a number of blogs and this has provided us with a steady stream of new visitors to the site”.

Fashion bloggers offer awareness, visitors to websites, search engine friendly links and post-blog commentary from their readers, often offering constructive insight into what they think of the range.

See e.g.’s press page - pretty impressive work.

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