Thursday, 10 September 2009

Spring Summer 2010 - it's here!

Hello there!

It might be getting cold outside but don't despair 'cos Summer's here again! And Spring too!

That's right we have launched our new Spring Summer 2010 collection and to celebrate the fact we're going to give one lucky fan a £500 gift voucher to spend on anything they like, as long as it's e.g...!

Simply get over to and leave a comment about our wonderful designs and we'll put your name in the draw.

We can't wait to hear what you think.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Any one fancy a quick Rank?

If you don't live in east London and more specifically if you haven't explored the eccentric Brick Lane area, then the headline of this blog might be a little confusing... and a little tantalizing.

Rankin, the photographer/director/publisher extraordinaire, has put together a stellar exhibit showcasing many of his stunning pieces, inside the Old Truman Brewery on the Lane. 'Any one fancy a quick Rank?' is the shocking catch phrase of this awe-inspiring exhibit.

So, why are we bringing it up?

Well, Rankin (who, for your information, is the man behind the glorious Dazed & Confused mag and has snapped the likes of Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Sienna Miller and David Bowie - to name only very few) has photographed none other than the lovely little miss lady londonherself, wearing one of our signature looks.

Below is the lovely blogette with Rankin himself. Hot.

The exhibit closes on 18 September, so our advice is to nip out immediately and have a look. It's a tenner to get in, but don't let the price tag deter you.

Trust us, it's well worth the dosh. Don't trust? Look at the live Rankin exhibit site to see just how cool it is. If the web site is that rad, imagine what the actual show will be like. Mmm, indeed.

The photo of Lady London and our jacket will be included in the show. 

For an inside scoop on the photo shoot itself, feast your eyes on this

love lori, X

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Vogue, the pinnacle of fashion journalism, has given e.g... a fab shout-out in their September issue.


Everyone please turn to page 114 of your fashion manuel...

The column discusses how fashion designers and fashionistas worldwide are using Twitter to connect to the masses.

E.g... is mentioned along with the likes of Topshop and Louis Vuitton for our tweeting abilities. Very cool.

Sadly the article points to our old egfashion account, which is no longer in use. Our new Twitter account can be found at inside_eg. Come check us out!

And while you're at it, make sure to find us on Facebook as well.

See you there! x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

e.g... is not just a label

Not Just A Label has selected our cropped herringbone jacket as a feature item for their online shop.

Key industry figures scour mercilessly, looking for avant-garde pieces to offer up on their online shop.  The desired designers items are shown on the site, but only one lucky bidder will get the piece.

That's right - if you like what you see in the NJAL store, you better act quick - because only one of each piece is for sale. 

Each month, a new host of the shop is introduced. This month it's none other than Amanda Lepore - the feisty American transsexual, who gives a whole new definition to quirky, feminine beauty.

Check out the site, the shop, and of course, the gorg' jacket. Maybe it could even be yours?!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Nolcha, Nolcha, Nolcha

If any of you are unfamiliar with Nolcha, allow me to introduce you...

Nolcha is a fantastic American business that helps bring emerging and independent fashion designers to the forefront of the industry. 

A few weeks ago, the New York based company contacted e.g... asking for an interview. After jumping for joy, Emma answered a few of the lovely Lynn Furge's questions.

Here is the best bit - some of the new collection was (finally!) revealed on their site. Model Maddy from Elite was selected to showcase some of the new designs and they are looking fierce!

We're all over the moon about this one, so be sure to check out their site, our article and of course, some of the new looks!

Happy reading,
L x

Friday, 31 July 2009

A Fashion Tale

Once upon a time in a not-so-faraway land called London, lived a beautiful young designer named Emma. 

In her studio, located high above all the hustle and bustle of the east end streets below, Emma worked day and night on her new collection. But this wasn't just any collection. This was Emma's signature collection and everything had to be just right.

One day, as Emma finished yet another piece for this highly-anticipated new body of work, an idea struck the lovely blonde girl.

"I know!" she exclaimed from behind her sewing machine. "Instead of showcasing at London Fashion Week, I'll do something even bigger... even better. Something new.
Something revolutionary!"

Excited by her idea, Emma quickly consulted her partner Jeanpierre. "I think you're on to something," said JP, sipping from what was probably his thirteenth cup of tea that morning. "Yes, Emma dearest, let's create a video. The finest fashion video in all the land!"

And so they got to work. First they needed to find the best, the brightest, the most brilliant production team possible. "How about Creative Nation?" suggested JP. "Brilliant!" exclaimed Emma. 

Of course it was brilliant. With the company's past clients including names like Nike, Coke, E4, Dunlop and Audi - they would surely do e.g. proud.

Next, auditions for the fairest ladies were held. Gorgeous girls from all over the world flocked to Emma's studio, but only a lucky few would be just right.

It was a hard decision for Emma and JP. "But they're all so stunning!" said JP. "Yes, you're right," said Emma. "But I have such a good feeling about these five. They simply MUST star in the video."

And so, the beautiful Annaliese, Ilona, Jo, Eryna and Natasha were all recruited, making up the fabulous five that will represent this most fierce new e.g... collection.

The day of the shoot is fast approaching. Next weekend to be exact. It will be a sinister and sexy
day, indeed. The weary and faint of heart need not apply. 

A Spitalfields lot transformed into a fashion battlefield . Erotica, bondage and sexual tension run amuck... oh my!

The shoot will be well documented for all to see. Sorted, a glorious photographer, who has worked with the likes of O2, the Telegraph, Tatler magazine and Mixmag, will be on site. Not a sexy moment will pass without the click from his expertly-handled camera. 

And those ever-so-alluring moments will be made all the more tantalizing by New York makeup and hair stylist Rachel Wood, who has worked on some of the most divalicious projects to date. 

"She's lush," said Emma excitedly. She's worked on nearly every magazine you can name - Look, InStyle, Grazia, New - the list goes on! Not only that, Wood has showcased her skills on ITV, UK Style, UK Living and appeared in not one but FOUR episodes of last season's hit show Coleen's Real Women.

And so, Emma and her team continue pushing on towards the date of the big shoot. It will be a day to remember. And a day to definitely read about on this blog soon.

To Be Continued...