Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Any one fancy a quick Rank?

If you don't live in east London and more specifically if you haven't explored the eccentric Brick Lane area, then the headline of this blog might be a little confusing... and a little tantalizing.

Rankin, the photographer/director/publisher extraordinaire, has put together a stellar exhibit showcasing many of his stunning pieces, inside the Old Truman Brewery on the Lane. 'Any one fancy a quick Rank?' is the shocking catch phrase of this awe-inspiring exhibit.

So, why are we bringing it up?

Well, Rankin (who, for your information, is the man behind the glorious Dazed & Confused mag and has snapped the likes of Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Sienna Miller and David Bowie - to name only very few) has photographed none other than the lovely little miss lady londonherself, wearing one of our signature looks.

Below is the lovely blogette with Rankin himself. Hot.

The exhibit closes on 18 September, so our advice is to nip out immediately and have a look. It's a tenner to get in, but don't let the price tag deter you.

Trust us, it's well worth the dosh. Don't trust? Look at the live Rankin exhibit site to see just how cool it is. If the web site is that rad, imagine what the actual show will be like. Mmm, indeed.

The photo of Lady London and our jacket will be included in the show. 

For an inside scoop on the photo shoot itself, feast your eyes on this

love lori, X


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