Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Catwalk Fashion - Apr 11 2009

e.g…new Made in London distinctive fashion collection

Sat, Apr 11, 2009

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e.g… was founded in 2008 Emma Griffiths, a Westminster University of Fashion Graduate and Jeanpierre Kalebic (an ex-estate agent). Their new collection offers strong, independently minded ladies the chance to wear distinctive, sexy designs at a reasonable price.

Emma has worked with world renowned designers Alexander McQueen and Boudicca, and now from their base in East London they are aiming to be the label for “empowered woman with a split personality; a tough tomboy with a youthful girly look.”

Here is a selection from their current offerings.

e.g…Made In London 1

e.g…Made In London 2

Visit their website at www.egfashion.co.uk.

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  2. Great designs, would do anything for the shorter version in black!


  3. Very nice, I love the structured look of the top 2 designs

    - Anna Jane xxx

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  12. i love that skintone outfit on the girl in the right...but what caught my attention is that blue on the 2nd photo because looks perfect for her...it will look even better with Louis Vuitton handbags.

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  14. the last one is just the thing i have been looking for.


  15. Yeah! I agree.. it's really cool. I wish to see more designs. The model wears it elegantly, I wish to have a picture like that too. Lolz. Thanks for sharing this information in your blog.

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