Monday, 13 July 2009

Bloomin' good weekend

Mmm, it's summer.

I'm writing this post from my desk in the studio. The window is open, the sun is shining (granted I did need to use my umbrella whilst walking in this morning, but nevermind that).

It's important to take advantage of these lovely days, even if you have a much-anticipated new collection coming out in a matter of weeks.

Emma decided to bask in the warm(ish) weather this weekend and managed to creep out from under the sewing machine long enough to enjoy the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show just outside London.

She joined her lovely parents and good friend Amelie, whom she first met while working with McQueen, at the show. It looked lush.

Speaking of lush, meet Amelie:
The show is put on by the same group behind the Chelsea Flower Show, so we all knew it was going to be grand.

According to Emma, the show lived up to expectations. Gorgeous flowers at every corner.

Look how happy:

Apparently, Amelie was quite the savvy shopper - bargaining with vendors for the cheapest price imaginable for a chocolate-scented plant. Sadly, Amelie left without the plant. Probably cheaper on Columbia Rd, she thought, which is what she told the vendors! Bless.

Their hands weren't empty for long though. They did make a couple important purchases at the event. Actually, make that three important purchases, coming in the form of large glasses of rose wine. Mmm.

Emma's gorgeous mum guards the goods:

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. Very posh.

Now it's back to the collection. Rumour is that models will be making their way to the studio tomorrow for casting of the collection video. Oh la la! It will be like a an episode of Britain's Next Top Model in here, I'm sure.


- L xx

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