Friday, 24 July 2009


We don't do this very often, but we wanted to draw your attention to a fabulous style site that everyone should definitely be bookmarking.

Stitsh is not like your regular style spotting website. 

I love visiting street style sites. They're a great place to gain inspiration and see what people from all over the world are sporting this season. 

But often, I'll visit these sites, see an item I MUST have and then realise I'll never own it because I have no idea where it's from. No amount of Ebay searching will ever land me the look.

This is why Stitsh is so wonderful. The staffers down at Stitsh actually do the hard work for you, by finding out where the fashionistas and fashionistos bought their amazing clothes and then providing links to online shops where you can purchase it for yourself.


Scroll through their UK and US galleries and you'll see what I mean. Like what that girl is wearing in Manchester? How about the woman in New York City? Click the picture and viola, you're free to shop to your heart (and your wallet's) desire.

Check it out:

Happy shopping,
L x

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