Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Emma recommends...

Emma has taken some time out of her busy sewing schedule to fill us in on the best bits of London town - in her lovely opinion, of course.

So, while you're anxiously awaiting the release of her new collection (which, by the way, has new pieces being added each day it seems!), make sure you visit some of these hot spots. Maybe we'll see you there....

Best Pub:

Ok, this is a tough one. With a pub literally on every corner in this city, it's not easy to choose. BUT quantity does not always mean quality, and if it's quality you're craving than Emma recommends you visit Grapeshots Wine Bar in east London.

According to Emma, drinking in Grapeshots will have you feeling like you're in the midst of a Charles Dickens novel. The staff is lovely, the decor is lush and the ale is served in solid silver tankards! Not too shabby.

The pub is located just around the corner from our studio. The exact address is 2-3 Artillery Passage, Broadgate, E1 7LJ.

Apparently it's still an untapped amazing drinking hole in London, so take advantage of this insider information before the masses catch on.

Best Restaurant:

When Jeanpierre isn't whipping up something truly scrumptious in the e.g... kitchen (yesterday's noodle prawn dish was legendary, JP), Emma likes to venture out to a restaurant called Imli in Soho.

You'd think with Brick Lane just a hop, skip and strut away from the e.g. pad, Emma would opt for Indian food there, but nope, Imli is the place to park if you're in the mood for spicy curries, etc.

The restaurant boasts a variety of Indian tapas to tempt your tastebuds. Emma says Imli puts an exciting twist on Indian cooking - offering beautiful sauces, wicked cocktails and a Goan pork that is simply to die for.

And the curry is good... "like... REALLY good", says Emma.

I'm convinced.

The restaurant is located at 167-169 Wardour Street
in Soho - W1F 8WR.

I googled the place and TimeOut London has given it a five-star review! I suspect after this blog hits the netwaves, those stars will be climbing.


If you visit either of these delicatable places, please let us know about it. We'd love to hear what you thought. Agree or disagree with Emma - let's hear it!

Ok, I'm hungry. Time for lunch. Bye for now!

L x

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  1. What a great blog, Im glad I found you! When I move to london I will be sure to go to these places!