Wednesday, 22 July 2009

e.g.'s... Next Top Model

It's been a busy day in the e.g... studio. The new collection is nearly complete and all the looks are coming together beautifully.

We've had some models in all last week, interviewing for the collection video. We start shooting very soon!

But, to see the new pieces in action today, we had a lovely and talented model called Annaliese come in to try them on and pose for a few pictures. She's a natural! So bubbly and full of energy.

With all this modeling action happening, Emma couldn't resist getting in on all the action. She was posing behind the camera. Luckily I caught her:

We loved having Annaliese in the studio. So, I conducted a little Q&A with her. Behold:

Q: Hi Annaliese! You're gorgeous. Where are you from?
A: London - that's an easy one!

Q: How old are you, darling?
A: 22

Q: You seem familiar. Where would we people know you from?
A: Probably Britain's Next Top Model. I was a contestant on the most recent cycle. It was great for exposure, but it's definitely not what it looks like on tv! More about entertainment than actual modeling. But it was fun.

Q: What are your career goals?
A: I have a lot! I would actually love to be a television presenter and host a national tv programme. I always say I'd love to steal the T4 girls jobs. But I love modeling too. I want to be on the cover of a successful magazine. I really love catwalk too. Hopefully someone will give a 5'7" girl a chance to walk the catwalks! I've mainly done commercial work.

Q: We've had some models in all week. They look perfect and we're starting to feel bad. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
A: Definitely - mine would have to be cheesecake.

Mmmmm! We agree.

Sadly I can't publish any of the photos taken from today. BUT, soon all will be revealed so stay tuned! I'll let you know closer to the day when you can check back for all the new looks.

Until then - keep posing!

L x

P.S. Annaliese is part of Oxygen Model Management in London. Gorgeous!

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